“the doctors in”

May 13, 2008

It was the return of the good doctor today. The city worker should follow suit! And get out of bed. We didn’t go hard or even long. It was a nice recreational run. We turned around a little early so as not to re-injure the doctor or my aching, non-healing heel.

After just a mile down the road we spotted a bright yellow jacket, clean shaven old guy pushing himself just slightly below cardiac arrest. Sporting shorts?

Well the old “judicial kook” was all fun and games, telling us his favorite lawyer sushi restaurant “sosueme sushi”. The shop teacher was impressed.


“hell week”

May 2, 2008

Last week proved that there are “others” worthy of the name Kook.  Some how I convinced 7 adults to join me in a double workout week known as “hell week”.  I’ve been doing this kind of training for a few years, but always solo.  So inlisting 7s future triathletes was easy.  They understood the benefits, but I don’t think the pain that would follow toward the end of the week.  We did a swim or run in the morning then a bike workout after work.  So on Tuesday they all got to experience a “KOOK” run.  All 7 showed up and ran what they felt like out Thane road.  It was Awesome!  New KOOKS!


The rest of the week turned out amazing, with everyone pushing past limits that they thought they could never overcome.  “Life outside the comfort zone!”

“global warming?”

April 17, 2008


500 AM ADT THU APR 17 2008



We had 6″-8″ inches of snow out on Thane road this morning, wind blowing 15-20mph. It could have been November, or maybe it is. Full blown winter storm.

Judicial Kook showed up behind myself and the shop teacher bitching that we left early AGAIN. I told him we were too excited with this storm and wanted to get out and enjoy it. The shop teacher wasn’t impressed. All the shop teacher could think about was using his passport this weekend. I guess he’s going abroad this weekend.

The dentist turned around a little early this morning, suffering with the snow and ice. We were able to judge his intensity level by his foot prints. Dragging foot prints=loud breathing. The Judicial Kook reminded the shop teacher that the old dentist was twice his age. Like that matters?

Big surprise next Tuesday boys, don’t be late!

“Watch your top knot”

April 9, 2008

Kooks in kaps!  These wonderful hand knit hats were made by my lovely wife and her mother.  Now the kooks have “colors”.  All the hats have “kook” on them and they are all different, amazing!  THanks so much!


As you can see by the weather in photo, spring has not sprung.  Snow and ice for todays run.

Special thanks to sonic boom, all traffic was at 45 mph.  It worked.

For any kook that slept in or is faking an injury, a kook hat awaits your return.


“fast and the stupid”

April 3, 2008

We are finally back to a worthy kook run, someone almost died.

For those of you who haven’t driven out Thane road lately, there has been a dock and construction staging area build just before the Thane Ore house. Some kind of project is under construction south of town. The construction workers get on a boat at 0600 sharp everyday. Construction workers=idiots! The anti-kook is the only construction worker in Juneau that goes to work before he needs to be there. Thus, these guys having to catch the boat at 0600 means that they have to drive about 70 mph in-order to make it.

The four kooks this morning almost ended up on the grill of at least two of these idiots trucks. So we went down to their staging area and (un) kook like, talked very politely to what seemed to be the boss about his idiot employees. We’ll see what happens. The old dentist said he was “six inches” from one truck.

It’s really too bad that sonic boom wasn’t around, he knows the law!

The pitbull trainer made a statement showing up about a quarter mile into the run. Total, about 2 mile run for him.

<> On another note, from last  Tuesdays run, the word on the street is that the anti-kook is getting married!  Good job, finally little  ” bowl cut” will have her man.

“The Power of NOW”

April 2, 2008

Like any Kook run, if you aren’t there, oh well! No excuses.

Just about a full turnout of kooks this morning, two limping (me and the doctor, one trying his hardest (the dentist) and sounding like a steam engine, one awestruck from a female foreigner (shop teacher), judicial kook thought he had to explain some law stuff he learned in DC and the pitbull trainer just surviving.

The shop teacher decided to take his music out for a few minutes and tell us about a book he was reading, “The Power of Now”. And by all rights, the judicial kook asked him WHY HE was reading this book. Taking major offence to this, the shop teacher had to defend his love of reading. Once again the judicial kook couldn’t handle throwing down like a normal guy and recanted his comments, saying it was a good book and he was proud of the shop teacher for reading it. No one was impressed.

For those that showed up late for the run, here’s the shop teachers newest entertainment, two years in the waiting: http://hardcor.wordpress.com



March 27, 2008

It finally happened, a nice, quiet, enjoyable run! SOLO! The travelling kooks left me alone and I could finally hear the birds chirping, whales singing and the deer rustling in the woods.

The Judicial kook taking care of “important” business in DC. Probably talking to the supreme court about how important the poor saps in DC need to carry hand guns.  The shop teacher baby sitting a couple of future convicts at a welding contest in Anchorage. The good doctor trying to fleece a few more patience’s south of town in Ketchikan.  And who knows where the world wide sailing dentist was.

I did get the official word from kid #1, a future kook that it’s spring. With his buddy in tow;”the hard charging sophomore”, the two idiots jumped off the cruise ship dock after their anti-kook run yesterday.  Yes it was sunny, but only about 45 degrees.  KOOK=IDIOT.  Age doesn’t matter.

“crossing the Atlantic”

March 25, 2008

After a week off and biking in the desert, it sure felt good to be running on Thane road this morning.  Knowing I was going to be going slow, I showed up a little early, forgetting whom else might be showing up early as his usual run time, the dentist.  So I got fully educated about how he is going to cross the Atlantic Ocean in his 55 foot sail boat with every electronic/satellite/gps/ aid known to man.  I reminded him that it’s still a sail boat.   Wasn’t Columbus in a sail boat?  And any normal kook enjoys pulling up to the fuel dock and paying $4 bucks for a gallon of “GO FAST” juice.  It is 2008!  BURN SOME FUEL!

As you can see this was true entertainment.  The shop teacher showed up at about the mine road with “patty” the wonder dog in tow.  I guess he dropped the good doctor after the doctor thought he would throw in a move to make him suffer a little.  Not a wise idea since this was his first run back.  Oh, well.  I was hoping to see the judicial kook this morning after hearing about how wonderful last Thursdays run was.  The shop teacher must have hurt him.  Good to be back.  And, if you know any of the idiots rushing out to catch that 6 a.m. crew boat, tell them to slow down!  I’m sure sonic boom was taking license numbers.

“day off”

March 14, 2008

Ah, sleeping in till 5:25 am what a feeling!  Maybe the judicial kook has something.  I have triathlon on Sunday in sunny Arizona so I decided to take the day off of running.

I did get a pretty good report from the shop teacher that the dentist isn’t getting any faster.  The pit bull trainer is out on the loose.  And the city worker is trying his best to join the Juneau SWAT team, lurking in the bushes.

He said the run was entertaining and I’m truly bummed that I missed it, NOT.  Next weeks run will be from the sunny state of Arizona. 

“the hunt”

March 13, 2008

This morning the shop teacher and myself left the parking lot right on time, 5:29.  Both of us were going a little faster than normal on our way out of town not saying much.  The shop teacher then piped in and said, ” let’s throw down on the judicial kook this morning and make him hurt.”  So we upped our pace and hoped to catch our friend. The “hunt” was on, we saw one stranger down the road, we were clipping along at maximum kook pace when it turned out to be the dentist.  I don’t think we said anything to the old guy, just breathing hard.  Well, we made it to sheep creek, exhausted, NO judicial kook.  The shop teacher was complaining of a cramp in his hamstring, my left heal was burning.  Once again, the judicial kook won, slept in and broke the two idiot kooks.  Dang-it!  But you can guarantee that when we run with the head of our judicial system again, he will get a little in-flicked pain from the working peasants.  Get some rest!  Or send us a picture of your injury!